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4.22.18 江島– Sunset at Enoshima Island April 22nd, 2018

Two Seasons in Kanto– Summer and Fall in the Kanto region of Japan.

Spring 2017

This is a Documentary About Catfish Disco– Mockumentary style video following popular student band leading up to their final show at  “F” (student apartment complex.)

Beekeeping on the Move- experimental film about the highs and lows of beekeeping, made of original and found footage.

Fall 2016:

Workaround: A young woman with compulsions struggles in her hostile work environment

PO 5306- video art.

Winning submission for the video category in the 2017 Davidson College Student Art Showcase

Spring 2016:

Roots- final film for Narrative Filmmaking. Sadie needs money from her grandmother for plant sitting, but she has killed her deceased grandfathers special plant…

Spring 2016

WORK/DAY- look book style documentary video for student-made fashion line.

Phone Home- A girl needs to return a bike she’s borrowed, but she can’t unlock it…

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