Videography and Editing Projects


HirokoTV- Tongue Twisters from around the world (edior)

HirokoTV- 30 Days Exercise Challenge (editor)

HirokoTV- Viral Japanese TikTok trend during Quarantine (editor)


Eiken Help Video– introduction video to the Eiken English test with model interviews to prepare JETs to help their students pass.

Tokyo JET YouTube Project– an introduction video to the new video creation plan of the Tokyo JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program) Professional Development Committee.

Spring 2017

Connor House Bosom Buddies 2017– Davidson College Connor House 2017 fundraising campaign to benefit Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test (

Catfish Disco Takes Back F (versions 1 & 2)

A Tragic Love Story- American Psycho reimagined

Spring 2016

“Outside the Wire” Improvisation Scenes- improvised interviews played during scene changes of a local theatre’s production of “Outside the Wire” by Jimi Stanton

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